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Monthly Archives: April 2011

the beginning – 11 months later

Last June we purchased what we affectionately called our ‘crack house’.  It had been left empty for 5 years in a neighbourhood that can be alternatively described as either ‘the ghetto’ or ‘up and coming’, so you can imagine what happened to it.  Yes, it had likely been used for nefarious activities that we would prefer not to speculate upon until later – once the evidence had been removed/painted over/demolished  – but inexplicably we fell in love.

But perhaps not so inexplicably: the house was over 100 years old, had high ceilings, original trim, mouldings, doors and wainscoting, and was a 15 min. walk to downtown Halifax (given we had and still have no car, this was a huge plus).  We were instantly captivated and in our naivety (we had never renovated anything before), even the vast amount of work seemed like an exciting challenge rather than an overwhelming and endless nightmare.

Oh how we have learned…

So the idea of writing a blog was one I wanted to undertake instantly.  I was going to document every step and envisioned a flurry of support and advice from a mysterious on-line renovating community, culminating, of course, in the fabulous ‘after’ photos of (what of course would be) our amazing work.

Yes, well.  As anyone who has really renovated a home – I mean, seriously taken a home from uninhabitable to habitable as we were/are – will tell you, writing about what you’re doing while you’re doing is pretty much impossible unless you 1. are superwoman 2. can afford to pay someone else to do the work, and/or 3. live somewhere else while the chaos escalates.  I could count on exactly none of these.  If you live in the mess while creating it, sometimes even finding a dust-free space to put your laptop is impossible.  Having the energy to write after working all day laying floor or drywalling is also pretty hard, never mind if you’re also ‘working working’ (9-5 like), and like us, also trying to go back to college.  How people do this with kids and dogs I will never know, but I bow before you.

But here we are.  The dust has settled – literally – and for all our friends and family who don’t live here and have never seen our place (and there’s a lot of you considering we moved to a city we had never been to before), this is really for you.  Ok, and self-indulgently for me.*

*disclaimer: I am currently unemployed and this was one of those things I promised myself I would get round to when I had time.  Well, time, unfortunately (?) is, on. my. side. I always wondered – with jealously obviously – how people found the time for blogging, so I figured I better come clean…

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