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the bedroom – tobacco walls and newspaper floors

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So before people think we only have a kitchen, let’s move on to the bedroom properly.  This was the first room we did so that we had somewhere to actually sleep.  It was also probably the most immediately live-able room in the house.  But mirrored Last Suppers notwithstanding, there was still stuff to fix.

With the Jesus mirror out of the way, we were free to tackle the incredible nicotine decoration and clean our hearts out.

Oh my god it was gross.  The grime on the walls was unbelievable.  Layer upon layer of yellowed nicotine and other substances from goodness knows what or when.  Lucky for me, the amazing Lorraine came over armed with supplies and set to work like a woman possessed.

You know that clean freak hygiene obsessed friend? Everyone has one. Well, Lorraine is mine (and no, you can’t have her), and this is exactly who you need when confronted with this level of overwhelming dirt.  I let her listen to French CBC, offered cold beer at regular intervals, and – voila!  Clean room.  Her cleaning prowess was to continue for pretty much the next two months. Hallelujah.

The floor was also pretty disgusting, naturally (you may have noticed a bit of a theme developing).

The floor was covered (partially) in that awesome ‘is it lino or is it a carpet? – it’s so convincing I can’t tell!’ floor covering of, I’m assuming the 1950s or 60’s.  My assumption is based on the next layer we found – an amazing amount of old newspapers dating primarily from the 1960s (there were a few older ones going back to the 1930s – found in the ceiling/upstairs floor – but they pretty much disintegrated when we moved them).  Well really, is there anything like a 50-year-old newspaper to distract you from cleaning smelly tobacco encrusted walls?  If so I have yet to find it.

I mean seriously, Trudeau might be prime minister!

‘Tape-Citie’ has more than 5000 tapes!  Dupuis makes something called ‘acrobat go go’ tights! (they should definitely make a comeback) Hard hitting stories about gas and indigestion make the news!

So much to learn!  It was endless.

– and at least a day was wasted.


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