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I said it earlier on Facebook, but I’ll say it again – the bathroom got a whole different sort of makeover this week as I fought off a stomach bug.  Ewwww…

Still feeling ‘ugh’, but let’s plod on regardless – particularly as I can now actually keep down a cup of tea (a blogging necessity).  Love it or List it (my ALL time favourite reno show) is also on, so things are definitely looking up.

As I had to clean up the bathroom anyway, I figured I may as well be proactive and take some pics of what the bathroom looks like now…

Ok, totally scrap that.  I went to start cleaning and taking pictures and it all became too much.  Something about the combination of cleaning products and being at ‘the scene of the crime’ so soon after just became too much for me.

I managed to get these of the tub:

Pretty gross huh?

I’m embarrassed to say that the caulking job is mine.  It did look a lot better a few months ago, honestly!  But there are some massive gaps between the tub and tile that are simply beyond my limited skills.  And really, it does just need re-tiling.

I do have to confess, however, that I did get seriously distracted while caulking by trying to turn it into an art project.  Yes, an art project.  We had to do an in-camera edit for video class (as in, no post editing in final cut, no sound added later etc. etc.) and I was simultaneously trying to film and caulk one day (I know), when I thought ‘Hey! Why not do both?’

As you might imagine, it was a fail on both counts.  But what the hell, I’ll show you guys anyway as it’s really hilariously bad:

I actually knocked over the stereo with the caulking gun (remember, no adding sound later)  – hence the unscripted profanity at the end.  I did end up finally completing a video, but it’s nothing like what you see here, thank goodness (I’ll post it later – it’s still about the house, of course).

Ok, so I was a little distracted, and the caulking now all needs to be re-done.
Just not today.


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  1. Sorry to hear you were sick – hope you’re all better now. Loved the background music as you were preparing to caulk the tub :o) I caulked my tub once many, many years ago and did the most horrendous job ever…instead of a nice, smooth line, it was all lumpy and bumpy.


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