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stuck in beige

– and I don’t mean Edmonton.

We made some attempts to find a colour for the room, but so far it’s been a fairly large fail.  Maybe we’ve been brainwashed by looking at so many show condos for my brother, but we started to think that beige would be a great idea – or to put it more attractively, ‘buff’.

As you can see (sort of – my camera, skills and the web are so bad for this sort of thing), the one on the left (Behr ‘Powder Sand’) started to look like the dreaded Magnolia – a reference I now understand that only my British friends will get (after Tiff didn’t know what the hell I was talking about), it being the colour associated with everything bad about real estate (it’s also, like so much over there, to do with class, as it’s also a colour associated with council/supported housing).

Here’s the entry from Wikipedia (yes, it’s that much of a ‘thing’ over there):

In the UK, Magnolia paint is a neutral to warm white (as the petals in the picture of the plant), noted as being the ‘standard’ color of household paint, other than white. However, the color called “Magnolia” in UK paint is closer to peach rather than the rose-lavender white of the web color. It is used in property selling as a neutral, inoffensive color thought to maximize the saleability of a property. As such, it is available in bulk quantities at discounted rates and is often associated with new-build homes and rented accommodation.

I always thought of the colour as a kind of pale yellow rather than peach, but who’s going to argue with the internet?

Anyway, Tiff also rejected it as being too much like the colour our mom painted her entire house – no offense mom…

The one on the right (Benjamin Moore ‘Powell Buff’), is just too harsh, and frankly, reminds us a little of what we see in Matilda’s diaper.  And like the diaper contents, we pretty much recoiled when we saw it on the wall.  Gross.

So it’s back to the drawing board/paint shop.  Here’s what we’ve considered so far:

Never let it be said that I’m not obsessed with colour.  Tiff was even shocked that I wanted to get test pots (I know!) as she’s more of the ‘what the hell, let’s go for it’ kind of decorator, while I like to twist myself into agonizing knots over precisely the right shade full of ‘what ifs…’ and ‘maybes’.  She’s firmly over in the dark side with me now.

So you’ll see we’re looking at a lot of neutral yellow-ish, beige shades, veering into brown (though not too yellow, or it will look like the nursery, and not too brown or it will look like the living room – life is nothing if not complicated).  We made a random detour into blue for reasons I can’t quite remember, but it was a brief distraction.

The reds?  Well, in a bold move, we’ve decided to paint the closet doors a deep shade of brick red.  Crazy huh?  I think it will look great and Tiff is totally on board (I originally suggested dark brown and was shot down), though this does place us firmly in the neutral category for the walls.  We might do the inside of the door too, though I am unconvinced about only painting one side and Tiff doesn’t want red doors in her hallway – understandably I guess.

Now, I wanted to show an image here of our inspiration from Behr, but their website seems to have lost its mind, so you’ll have to make do with this bad photo I took of the card:

(I’m hoping the birthday fairies might get me a new camera…hint hint family…)

This photo was the first thing that actually made Tiff’s face light up and go ‘yes – that’s it!’, so that’s what we’ve started with – and where the idea for the red came from.

Sadly the Powder Sand didn’t work out as hoped, but there’s many more options to try right?


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  1. oh god, I was totally recoiling over the idea of all things beige and/or pale yellow (WHAT IS WRONG WITH WHITE, PEOPLE?), but I see where you’re going with the behr pic and the deep red accents. Perhaps the problem is that your swatches are too much in the brown/gray family of yellow?

  2. pull up farrow and ball and match one from there. they are never wrong

  3. Picking a paint color is always AGONIZING for me – good luck with the process!

  4. for the record, I am a fan of white – sometimes. I don’t like too much of it as it can feel cold and boring. I wanted the room to feel inviting and warm, and white would have been too stark. the above mentioned ‘cable knit’ didn’t work out either. we are now on ‘honey harbour’ and skipped the tester stage. hope it looks good on the wall!

  5. Good move. Cable knit, for me, was a No.


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