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a stripe of inspiration

After a minor blip flirting with the colour ‘Cable Knit’ (too dark and also a little disturbingly band-aid like), finally – a breakthrough!

Taking my friend Brady’s advice (she is actually never wrong), I checked out Farrow & Ball’s website.  There isn’t a distributor in Edmonton (though there is one in Dartmouth, of all places, which I will be checking out when I get home), but the website was enough for inspiration to strike.

Thinking about the multitude of tester pots we have now acquired, the answer was obvious – stripes!

Here’s a gorgeous Farrow & Ball wallpaper that we’re hoping (hoping) to replicate, or at least draw inspiration from:

Pretty snazzy huh?  (Actually my new decorating word of the day is ‘sophisticated’ – said with sage like authority and associated head nod.)

At a hefty $175 (US) a roll, plus shipping etc., it definitely seems worth trying to give it a whirl with paint instead.

Trying is the operative word here however.  Luckily advice abounds on the ol’ interweb, and the wonderful Centsational Girl has gathered the best tips and tricks for painting stripes, which is good news for me as being both an anally retentive perfectionist, and prone to impatience and sloppiness, I may just lose my shit if this doesn’t turn out perfectly.

Speaking of, I better get to bed as tomorrow is a big day in the Butler sister’s decorating world.  We’ve even – in an attempt to stay on task (sorry, can’t even believe I just wrote that) and, well, motivated – avoided opening the can of our new, and now committed-to colour: Honey Harbour – purchased, I should add, without first trying a tester pot.

I know!  We’re totally wild.  But there’s only so much testing you can do before you have just bite the damn bullet and go for it.  Plus we don’t have the truck tomorrow.

So, off to bed with me, though I have actually painted myself out of a room to sleep in.


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  1. That is such a great room. Looks so nice with the afternoon light coming in (despite all the crap that’s going on inside it!) — can’t wait to see it finished!!!


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