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Canadian Honey Harbours

Phew.  So Honey Harbour by Benjamin Moore seems to have done the trick – not too pale, not too dark, not too yellow, avoiding peachy-ness and undertones of pink.  It had a lot to live up to.

Honey Harbour - only available in Canada

Unlike how it looks on-line and in the photos I’m about to insert, it’s a lot darker and richer in real life on the wall.  The white trim we’ve also painted really ‘pops’ – god I hate that term.  Ok, the white really contrasts, in a good way.

Now here’s a weird thing – the colour is only available in Canada.  Strange huh?  And the colour we originally went in to get – ‘Wood Ash’ – is only available in America.

Wood Ash - not available in Canada

Is it just the name ‘Wood Ash’ that market research has deemed wouldn’t go down well here? (too many forest fires?  – people saying ‘that’s not the colour of wood ash!’, getting angry, never shopping at Benjamin Moore again…)  Or do we just not like the colour? (except for me and Tiff who tried to get it)  What about ‘Honey Harbour’ not being available in the US?  Do they know more about harbours than us and thus will be skeptical about anything water-related labelled ‘honey’?  Are we so desperate for anything that sounds warm and sunny that we’ll happily suspend our disbelief about food products and sheltered coves and skip right ahead to thinking of sandy beaches and purchase anything that reminds us of hot climates?  Or is it simply that Benjamin Moore didn’t want to keep taking the ‘u’ out of harbour, and then putting it back in again for us up north?

Questions abound.  Someone fund me to do a PhD on this topic asap!  (‘Cultural Colour Preferences as Evidenced by the Benjamin Moore Paint Chip’ perhaps?)  The world needs to know.  Actually, I do think a book on cultural colour preferences would be fascinating, though someone’s probably already written one by now.

Ok – the room progress!  I know thousands of you (ok, maybe 6) are dying to know what’s been happening.  Well, you may find this shocking, but having a 2 month old does delay progress somewhat.

But the weather was good, so we removed both the main door and the closet doors and were able to sand and prime them before a major rainstorm hit.

Tiff primes while Tilly supervises

The bedroom door did get painted (white), but the closet doors still need to be done (it rained, and we had no red paint, just a test pot).

We also sprayed the hardware silver, as the brass colour was just not going to work with the red we’ve chosen for the closet.

These did get rained on later, but I think they’ll be ok.

So finally, we got the room painted (this took us 2 days instead of 1 – hence no post yesterday).

Got the door back on…

…though it was a bit more epic than anticipated.

Got distracted while waiting for paint to dry, and decided to do the hallway closet door as well:

This is ‘before’ – obviously I hope.  We’re planning on using the tester pots of Powell Buff and Cable Knit – mixing them together and adding in a little white to make it go further.  Crazy?  Maybe.  We’ll find out.

And then finally, FINALLY – we did a stripe:

It looks a little weird here, but I promise, it is straight!  And the colour isn’t accurate of course, but we are definitely in the Farrow & Ball ballpark (ha) when you have the computer in the room:

I’ll sort out proper lighting and photos when we’re done – no time to fart around in photoshop now.  Stripes and red doors wait for no one – onwards!


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  1. The Honey Harbour is a much warmer tone than Wood Ash. Great choice! And exciting strips too!

  2. There have most definitely been books written about that.


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