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the truth about painting stripes

Never let anyone tell you that painting stripes on a wall isn’t a gigantic pain in the ass.  They’re either lying, or they are perfect and therefore annoying and you should probably limit the time you spend with them anyway.

We measured.  We taped.  And then we looked at the tape and decided it was crooked.  And then we re-taped.  And it still looked crooked.  So we re-taped again.  And then made it worse.  And on and on, until Tilly decided to have a big poo and distract us (Tiff said I’m not allowed to post the photo but she was wearing striped pants in solidarity, and let’s just say, they weren’t striped anymore), and by the time we went back to it we just decided –  ‘f**k it’ – it’s done.

I should also mention here that we were working without a level (this is a house with Ikea tools), and most definitely without a ‘laser level’ (I always put in quotations things I think are over the top but I also secretly covet) as one internet hotpants assured us was vital for the process.  He probably created stripes with much less swearing though.

So, it’s done.  And they do look straight actually.  And the tip about painting the wall colour over the tape before your stripe colour is pretty genius.  A little of the paint bled through in some minor areas, but that’s mainly due to the fact that the walls are textured.

Measurement, however, was a different story, and I did screw up somewhat.  I thought I was being super awesome (particularly as math is not my strong suit) by picking a stripe width that would divide perfectly by the wall width.  That would seem smart right?  Right?  Well, it’s not.  Maybe, you, clever reader, have figured this out already, but what happens is you leave absolutely no room for error – which, as anyone knows when doing, well anything, is not a good thing.  So, by the time I got to the end of the wall I no longer had exactly 10.5 inches for the last stripe so had to fudge it a little.  But that will be our little secret…

cursin' and paintin'

So we’re calling it done.  Next up – we learn to cut baseboards.  And, surprisingly, it turned out to be easier than painting.  Who knew?


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  1. OMG it looks FANTASTIC! No offense, but I kind of can’t even BELIEVE how good it looks — when I first glanced at the post I thought the pics were from the Farrow and Ball or inspiration room pics! TRUTH.

    SPEAKING of inspiration, I was in Anthropologie yesterday looking at their fabulous collection of drawer-pulls, and thinking you could really use some to jazz-up that giant black dresser and tie everything together.

    Here are my picks (never let it be said that any aspect of interior design is too small to warrant a wildly pretentious and unhelpful name – these are DRAWER PULLS, people)
    ‘Silhouetted Zinnia’
    ‘Sunflower Medallion’ (in yellow)
    ‘Ceramic melon’ (palace yellow, natch)
    ‘Artist in Kiev’
    And just to be REALLY wild… ‘CHECKER’:

    Hmm… I seem to have a lot of ‘picks’. In case you haven’t discovered for yourself, Anthropologie is a VERY dangerous place. Do you have one in Canada?

  2. there is an Anthropologie at west Ed mall, of course. I might have to make the trip when i’m feeling brave. i like the ceramic melon. the black dresser is now in the hallway waiting for its owner to pick it up… hint hint joel but hope to find a nice white one on kijiji


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