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goodbye edmonton – my work here is done

Yes – finished!

That would be the ‘after’ photo on the right.

So, you might notice that we haven’t got the closet doors back on exactly (we lost some screws somewhere, though now we’re thinking maybe they only had a few in before anyway – well, that’s our story), but I’m still really happy with how they turned out.  It’s a little bit Mexican, but not in an ‘Arriba!’ kind of way.

As you can see, we also switched the bed around.  I like that you can get in (or out) on both sides now, but the primary benefit is that your head is no longer right against the wall with the toilet on the other side.  You now avoid what used to be known as ‘the poo vent’:

Obviously, the room still needs a few things like blinds, and maybe a rug. Tiff found the blue fabric in the basement and we got the pillow at Ikea, but that was essentially all we purchased apart from paint, baseboards and 3 frames.  Tiff’s also currently trying to find the perfect white dresser after one those ‘one that got away’ kijiji moments.

(Oh, and please ignore the stain/wet area we cannily folded on the white bedspread thinking it wouldn’t be visible in a photo.  I managed to place something down on the bed that left a mark, Tiff got out the stain remover, the clock hit midnight, my flight was in the morning – we took the photo anyway.)

So it’s all pretty much finished, except for some art on the walls.  We bought some Ikea frames but didn’t have a chance to put anything in them (the ‘Ikea 1985’ you see sideways was a bargain ‘as is’ find – LOVE that section).  I hung them anyway as Tiff and Manny are of the ‘hang art wherever there’s a pre-existing hole’ school of decorating so I was a little afraid of what might happen in my absence.

Given that their wedding was over a year ago and they haven’t even had a single photo printed yet, I thought it was high time they did, so that’s what we’ve planned to fill the frames.  The fact that the wedding was in Mexico, and on the beach, meant that their awesome wedding photos (taken by the very talented Ricardo Bencomo Renedo) have some of the same colours as the room: yellow sand, blue sky and red bridesmaid’s dresses.  I think they’ll be perfect.

Here’s a few we’re considering:

But Tiff will have to figure out that part on her own, as, yes, I am now back in Halifax.

I hung the frames late into the night before I left, but essentially my work here is done (for now – my brother did end up buying a condo, so if someone wants to buy me a plane ticket…).


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  1. i just watched an artist paint striped walls in the gallery and learned the perfect way to avoid the paint bleeding thru – genius really. paint the base colour on all walls, tape out your stripes, then go over the section which is to be a different colour, with the base colour one more time. it seals the tape down, and any bleeding that happens at the beginning of the process is the base colour so you wont see it. then start with you secondary colour. when you take the tape off the lines are perfect. genius.

    the things artists teach us!


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