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hammock post – epic fail

As most of you will have gathered by now, this is not a ‘how to’ kind of blog.  If anything, it’s a ‘how not to’ or ‘oh look, we messed up but it turned out ok anyway’ kind of an adventure.

Which brings us to our latest project: hanging the hammock.

Without trees in your backyard it’s kind of difficult to find an appropriate spot.  We have a very sturdy fence, but it was put in by the neighbour before we moved in, and as he yelled at me for leaning an old door against it last summer, I somehow doubt hanging a hammock would go over well.

So, hanging it from a post seemed to be the answer.

We dug a hole:

We (well, Sam) took out the nails from an old wooden post leftover from our demo:

We poured concrete:

How do you choose the right concrete?

Well, I was won over by the lovely gender-neutral dude/ette on the bag looking super happy and content with their concreting efforts (remember, this is not a ‘how to’ blog).

We even, like the dorks we are, put our initials in the wet concrete:

The next day, we hung hammock…

and the post fell over.

Epic. and total failure.

So – after some swearing and a few beers –  we dug further.

We found coal…

…and we bought a bigger, better post:

Fingers crossed…


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  1. You two are hilarious!!


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