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the lazy disorganization continues

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Yes, I finally found the drywall knife.  Actually, Sam found the knife, buried in a crate full of floor tiles I bought for the front entryway last summer and, ahem, have not yet installed.

So while I finished pulling up the hallway floor,

Sam finished trimming the edges of the ceiling hole,

and we finally got the piece of drywall cut.

BUT – and it’s a huge but – we then realized that we don’t actually have any drywall screws.  Unbelievable.  We have every type of screw and nail for every conceivable purpose (I even found a box of roofing nails – god knows what they were for, but I might be implicated as I think I may have had an art idea in mind – they are lovely nails), but nothing for drywall.

We could have gone to the store, but it was raining and we don’t have a car.  And we are lazy.  So we decided to take a ‘break’ and then, uh, wasted the next 3 hours watching ‘Untold Stories of the E.R.’  Embarrassing but true.

But really: “A woman has a heart attack in the E.R. after being pulled out of a house fire; a schizophrenic patient thinks he has someone else’s face; a medical student is mistaken for a doctor and must deliver a baby.”  How could our reno compete?  Oh, and did I mention we are LAZY?  And it was raining – really hard.

What I think I need to do is clean.  Cleaning is what I started doing during our first reno when I got stuck and demotivated, but I was trying not to do that again.  I felt like I wasted a lot of time last year washing and scrubbing things that were eventually torn up or thrown away, so I’ve been trying to restrain myself, but now I feel differently.  I think it helped me just to stay focused and think about what to do next, and as the lovely Fred (from A Shipping Container House in Panama) reminded me last post, sometimes you do just need to ‘think, ponder, and plan’ – and scrubbing is great for that.

And goodness knows it needs cleaning.  Check out what happened when I removed some old tape from the windowsill:

So gross.  And the baseboards are worse:

(enlarge at your peril)

So, tomorrow:
cleaning, and no ‘short’ TV breaks.

And if anyone has any ideas on how to get this old tape off the window frames, that would just be fantastic…


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  1. “And if anyone has any ideas on how to get this old tape off the window frames, that would just be fantastic…”
    Paint over that sh**. No other way.


    Oh snap! “Slow close toilet seat included”!

  3. try goo gone for the tape guck. it should work. and i totally support the cleaning – i cleaned the tiles in our condo with a toothbrush. it took an entire day but i eased the “my good we bought a shit hole!” fear.

    i also think you should totally paint the floor in the hallway once its sanded. more on that later! i think we need a conference call.


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