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bathroom update – downstairs

– a quick diversion back downstairs as upstairs, progress is finally being made (updates to come).

Inspired by my friend Gill’s impending visit from New York on Friday (horray!) and a subsequent frenzy of cleaning, I finally got round to photographing the downstairs bathroom.

You might remember what it looked like from a previous post, but here’s a reminder:

I still haven’t got round to refinishing the tub.  I started to re-do the caulking (again), and then realized that really the whole thing needs re-tiling – actually, just tiling, as the tiles currently there are fake.  So, it’s a bigger job than I thought (as usual), and with the reno going on upstairs, I’ve put it aside for now so we at least have one working bathroom, however unfinished.

But this is what it currently looks like:

Still small, but the new sink gives us a bit more space and removing the big wooden shelving unit was a huge help in making the room feel less gross.  We also pulled up the floor but have just painted the floorboards as a temporary measure.  The window was replaced and a shower head installed from the bathtub faucet.  Oh, and we also replaced the toilet seat.  What a total revelation that was!  Why didn’t anyone ever tell me before how easy and cheap it is to change a toilet seat?  Why have I been sitting on gross old seats in rental apartments all these years?

So we didn’t actually do that much, but it’s amazing what a great shower curtain (brought back with us from London from Habitat – my most favourite store, I even worked there for a time, long long ago) and some bright paint can do (Benjamin Moore ‘Tropicana Cabana’ – bought as much for the name as the colour).

But, as always, there’s some screw ups that need to be addressed:

You might notice that the new mirrored medicine cabinet doesn’t fit the existing hole (we’ll just ignore the missing light bulb for the moment).
We noticed too.  Why haven’t we done anything about it?

That is a damn good question.


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