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– on some fronts at least.  I didn’t get a job I interviewed for and was really excited about (for the regular pay cheque primarily), so I’m feeling really blah today.

Electricians are upstairs now doing their (expensive) thing, so I think I’ll just stay down here and wallow for a bit.

But yesterday was, otherwise, a fantastic day of progress.  My awesome friends Nate and Spencer came by and really kicked me into gear to get things done.

First we patched a lot of holes and cracks:

In an ideal world, these plaster walls would be taken down and drywall would go up.  But this is not an ideal world, so patching it is.  And the pink kind makes it fun (stop me if I get too technical).

We started priming the walls that weren’t totally shitty:

– and then started the horrible job of cleaning the walls that were too gross to paint over.

This was an experimental swipe of a wet cloth on the nicotine ceiling (the kitchen is going to be worse – stay tuned):

And so I had to do the whole thing.

If you look close you can see the line, but it was a bit half-assed as we’ve turned off the water upstairs (from the Carly and Sam school of plumbing: How do you stop a leaking faucet?  Turn off the water!) and the bathroom currently look like this:

So I had to go downstairs to fill the bucket, which meant, obviously, cleaning with dirty water for extended periods of time.

But then, finally, I got to put some white primer over the horrendous nicotine yellow hallway:

If there is anything more satisfying, I have yet to find it.


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  2. Looking good.
    The I-ching says:
    Lasting perseverance furthers.
    The hexagram of the receptive changes into the hexagram of the creative.
    By holding fast to what is right, it gains the power of enduring.
    Paint brushes and hammers can really help.

  3. Don’t you just LOVE putting that white paint on!


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