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how many art students does it take to build a picnic table?

In case you were wondering, it takes four.

Including me to supervise of course.

Actually, we were only putting it together, not technically ‘building’ it.  But the instructions got wet (I didn’t actually realize they were there with the wood and left them outside) and were pretty much indecipherable, so it took us a few (embarrassing) hours.  God knows we’d still be out there now if we had to build it from scratch.  ‘Media Arts’ does not prepare one adequately for basically anything of a practical nature.

You may notice, however, the newly improved, not falling over hammock post in the background.  Horray!

I keep meaning to post pictures of the hammock ‘in action’ so to speak, but as ‘action’ means lying in it and falling asleep, I haven’t yet managed any photographs.

Unfortunately, I think my lazy hammock days (well, there were two) are officially over as the reno has been kicking into high gear.  The electricians have been, done their thing, left holes in my walls, and gone again, and the plumber is here as we speak.

I love trying to be cool with the trades guys: ‘oh yeah, 7am would be totally fine.  I’m always up by then…’


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  1. jasmine philip

    Hammock days are a must for inspriration and rejuvination! Maybe you can supervise from one next time, lol.


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