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flooding = not a great reno day

So somehow I seem to have flooded half the house.  Really I should be cleaning up right now, but instead I’ve put out a few buckets, put the kettle on and retreated to my laptop. Sometimes you just need to tiptoe away from the scene and deal with it later (like when Sam comes home).

Seems that the new plumbing for the washing machine in the upstairs bathroom is actually a fountain of Las Vegas Bellagio proportions when it’s not connected to anything.  Who knew?  Well, I probably should have, but as usual, it turns out I have no idea about most things when it comes to knowing how my house works (or doesn’t).

I went to turn on the water in the basement (so I could start cleaning the nicotine kitchen – easily the most disgusting room in the house) and, WHOOSH (or whatever sound a large amount of fountain-ing water makes when written) – water EVERYWHERE.

I was standing down in the basement and the water started falling on my head.  Seriously.  And as we’re talking about the washing machine on the second floor and not just above me, all I could think was – this is definitely Not Good.

So, a few things we now know:

1. I am an idiot.

2. My plumber is an idiot for not realizing I’m an idiot and giving me the remedial ‘this is how this is all eventually all supposed to work’ lecture before he left.

3. Don’t ever turn on random taps in the basement unless you have someone upstairs on standby to yell ‘SHIT’ really loudly so you can minimize the damage.

4.. We definitely need a new sub-floor in the bathroom.

That is all.  I will now retreat to watching HGTV and eating chocolate.  It is, apparently, not a day for renovating.

(- and yes, no pictures of said disaster as I forgot to charge to battery for the camera.  This is just how I roll today…)


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  1. Let me clarify – although I “liked” this post, this is no way means that I liked the fact that your house flooded. I just appreciated your sharing an honest renovation moment 🙂

    It reminds me of when we had this house inspected, and the inspector went outside to turn on the valve at the main water supply to the house. The three of us standing inside heard water gushing and starting screaming at him to turn it off…turns out someone didn’t turn off the faucets at the water supply for the washing machine. So item #3 under “things we now know” is a good idea 🙂

  2. jasmine philip

    What would a renovation be without a flood along the way? Chocolate is the answer to many problems. Take a break and get back to nicotine removal later. Good luck!


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