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one room finished!

– well, almost (still need to finish baseboards, light switches and all those twiddly bits).  But it’s liveable, and that’s all we’re aiming for at the moment as the September deadline fast approaches.

Sam finished putting in the floor on Friday.  It’s actually laminate (shhhh…), but fools pretty much everyone, and what more can you ask for at $1.40 something a square foot?

It just clicks together without nails – which sounds easy breezy, but is harder than it seems.  It doesn’t always want to just click together; it buckles, and generally misbehaves in all sorts of interesting and frustrating ways.  And unlike the bamboo we put in the kitchen downstairs, you can’t just forcefully manhandle it into place with a hammer – that’s when you’ll remember it’s actually made of cardboard.  Cue more swearing.

In more fun times, we also started from what we then decided was the wrong side of the room.  Thinking that it would be better to have the full width boards start at the doorway (rather than under the heaters), we dismantled everything and flipped it around to the other side of the room (a benefit of clicking boards rather than nailed to be sure).

We then realized that for some reason, the other side of the room is not square/straight at all.  The wall had a huge curve to it (too frustrated to photograph it – also had to act as helpful and supportive partner at this point, not crazy blogging girlfriend), so nothing would lay flush against the wall.

So we moved it all back again.

I think we then decided it was time for lunch.

Our simple morning job (ha! how we are so delusional after all this time is beyond me), turned into a day and a half.
But it is done.  Here’s a reminder of what it looked like before:

Horray – less gross!  And that, really, is all you ask for sometimes.


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  1. those floors look amazing! who knew laminate could look that good! where is it from?

  2. – just from the Depot!

  3. Yeah! The floors look beautiful! Keep on trucking!


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