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Renovations are usually controlled by two factors: time, and money.  No surprises there.  And when you have neither (ahem…like us), you need to make certain compromises.  And compromising means you might try things that are probably not the greatest idea ever, but you try them anyway.

Like with flooring.

Here are the lovely putty coloured vinyl tiles that cover the office/spare room floor:

Now, when time and money are on your side, you rip these puppies up and lay new floor.  Simple.

But when it’s not, you attempt something like this:

That would be paint.  Yes, on the vinyl.  And that look you’re probably making is the same one every dude in the hardware stores gave me when I tried to explain what I wanted to do. Which is probably why they don’t really make a product that is actually supposed to do this.  At least, not that I could find.

Which is also why it looks a little…well ok, it looks like crap.

I’m still hopeful though.  One more coat?  Maybe?


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  1. Sorry, hun, I don’t think any more paint will do the trick. Sad part is that the paint will probably scratch off easier than the odour of a scratch n’ sniff sticker. I say, lay down a big ol’ rug.

  2. That is, sadly, what I thought (while hoping I would be wrong of course).

    But I should have mentioned, a big ol’ rug was always part of the ‘design’ plan – I didn’t ever think the floor would look THAT awesome…

  3. what about spray paint??? throwing that out there…

  4. Remember when Nigel painted our kitchen floor black? Using special black floor paint over that weird not-quite-linoleum, not-quite-tile flooring?
    Yeah, that wasn’t a good idea either.


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