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the real reason this reno is making me tired, grumpy, and generally nauseous…

Yep, that’s really a baby.  And yep,  it’s really ours.  And it’s also making everything reno-related very very difficult!

It’s the reason we had to hire painters.  It’s the reason we had to hire our friend Nick to tile the bathroom.  It seems that babies cost you a lot even before they’re out of the womb.

Apart from the whole ‘don’t inhale toxic chemicals’ thing, I’ve basically just been too exhausted to do anything, and avoiding dangerous toxins, heavy lifting and general precarious ladder acrobatics in order to ensure my unborn child doesn’t develop three heads has provided a handy excuse to just lay on the couch.  The guilt, however, is not so easily excused, so on top of being extra hormonal grumpy, I’ve also been extremely frustrated at not being able to do what I did last summer and it has been driving me a little crazy.

It’s been 12 weeks now of feeling like a nauseated angry zombie.

So that’s why this reno has been slow, and at times, very unenthusiastically attended by yours truly.

But I am, finally, starting to feel better as I head into lucky number week 13.  And just in time too – 9 days left before we have to move in.  9 days!

Time to suck it up and get cracking.  At least my reno shorts are elasticated.


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  1. although you may have to sit on a perch – and puke into a pail – the sitting and staring will make for excellent planning and vision. the design ideas dont come will sweating and sanding.

    and kids love to paint walls – win win!


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