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Monthly Archives: October 2011

slow progress, but some progress…

So, we’re still here, though the renovating has slowed to fits and bursts – largely dependent on a) if anyone is coming to visit and b) if something just drives us crazy enough so we finally fix it.  I’m becoming surprisingly tolerant though.

Actually being back in school (or college for you guys in the UK – they think ‘school’ is for kids) is taking over all my spare time, and I actually want it that way.  When the view from your studio looks like this:

is it any wonder you want to spend all your time there?

When the baby comes I’m going to be stuck with the house (and in it I guess), but I only have less than 2 months (2 months!!!) to finish my fine art degree.  It feels like a race against time to empty everything creative in my head into amazing art projects before Christmas while I still have the chance.  I’ve actually had profs say ‘you won’t make any art once the baby comes’ and similar scary prophecies on a ‘children will ruin your life plans (oh, but they’re great too)’ theme and it’s stressing the beejezus out of me.

The fact that most of our light fixtures are mere dangling wires no longer seems to concern me (well, not as much).

The house is basically functional, though we still have no shower (all baths, all the time – it’s like living in England again), and until a week or so ago we had no heat.  Or, more accurately, we either had full blast heat, or none at all (which explains our crippling heating bills last year thanks to our last tenant obviously thinking extreme heat 24/7 was perfectly normal).   Turns out, the thermostat was actually connected to – nothing.

Crazy.  Nothing as pedestrian as actual wires, just stuck there like an ornamental relic.  For show, I guess.  Though nothing much surprises me about this house anymore.

So that was more money (as we are, as I might have mentioned, electrically challenged), though I’m trying not to think about it.  Finances are dire, and the only job I’ve been able to find is one hour a day at minimum wage in the Craft and Design office at the University.  So I might be able to spring for a new pair of socks to at least keep my feet warm.

But doom and gloom and dashed dreams of art careers aside…let’s see some before and after pics of the living room:

Yes, that would be the entire record collection piled precariously in the corner.  We’ve bought some shelves, now we just need to actually put them up.

Oh, and the wicker chair (scammed for free, left out in the rain, and not exactly ideal but nevermind) now replaces the matching green chair some of you might remember when we were downstairs.  Unfortunately, the crack it always had in the leg finally gave out and it’s been regulated to the nursery/office (which, frankly, is just a fancy name for ‘room of crap where Sam tries to study’).  The sofa is also making suspicious and very worrying creaking noises so we finally broke down and bought a new sofa this summer, which will arrive in about a year – or so it seems.  We were told 6 weeks, put down our (non-refundable) deposit, and then were called the next day and told it was actually going to be 16 weeks.  Nice.  So I keep forgetting we bought it at all.  I’ll update you all around Christmas time.

Yes, that is the door to the room we took off still propped in between the windows.  We can’t seem to agree whether or not to put it back on or not, so it sits there in limbo.  And that isn’t a sculpture in the corner on top of the speaker, it’s actually a lamp (made by my great aunt in England and shipped over with us) – just with no wiring and no lampshade.  Add it to the list…

Finally, of course, let’s not forget the hole:

It might not be the most professional job in the world, but hey, at least I don’t have a hole in my ceiling anymore.  One day (!) we might take down the entire dropped ceiling in this room and repair the original ceiling, but that, my friends, is somewhere near the very bottom of a very large list.

Oh yes, and we will put a light fixture here eventually.

Back to the studio…


a holiday from renovating – but no renovation fairies when we got back

I know!  Unbelievable.  We opened the door from a weekend away…and…nothing.  Place looked exactly as much of a gong show as we left it.  Stupid lazy reno fairies.  They’re probably busy over at HGTV, or, more likely, at ABC on Extreme Makeover, renovating for people with real problems who save lives or have life threatening illnesses.  Jerks.  They should come here!  I once stopped Sam from crossing the road at a pretty dangerous time, and I am suffering from a really bad cold…

So, we went away on a mini holiday for the weekend as we didn’t really take a break all summer.  We’re now both back at school full-time, which, strangely, almost feels relaxing compared with the chaos of the past few months.

We went to explore the wonders of Cape Breton and the natural glory that is the Cabot Trail, which, when Carly and Sam go, inevitably, looks something like this:


But the house REALLY needs some attention, and just in case we weren’t feeling motivated, we have friends coming to stay next week.  Yikes.  Luckily they used to live on a boat, so I’m certain our shortcomings (no shower, limited space, no storage) can be overlooked.  It will mean getting some art up on the wall, however, as I am sick of a) not seeing it, and b) tripping over it.

I am promising myself that I will post some photos by the end of the week – if only to kick my ass in gear.  If I haven’t actually done anything (likely), then I will simply photograph what hasn’t been done.

And yes, all this is just a lame cover to hide the fact that again (again!) my camera battery is dead and I can’t photograph anything now.

(I have in fact bought a new ‘fancy’ camera for art purposes, but as it uses my old Nikon lenses – I was too cheap/poor to buy a digital lens as well – it still works as a fully manual camera.  Using a light meter to record the fact that you’re too lazy to have replaced baseboards anywhere in your house just seems like overkill.)

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