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a holiday from renovating – but no renovation fairies when we got back

I know!  Unbelievable.  We opened the door from a weekend away…and…nothing.  Place looked exactly as much of a gong show as we left it.  Stupid lazy reno fairies.  They’re probably busy over at HGTV, or, more likely, at ABC on Extreme Makeover, renovating for people with real problems who save lives or have life threatening illnesses.  Jerks.  They should come here!  I once stopped Sam from crossing the road at a pretty dangerous time, and I am suffering from a really bad cold…

So, we went away on a mini holiday for the weekend as we didn’t really take a break all summer.  We’re now both back at school full-time, which, strangely, almost feels relaxing compared with the chaos of the past few months.

We went to explore the wonders of Cape Breton and the natural glory that is the Cabot Trail, which, when Carly and Sam go, inevitably, looks something like this:


But the house REALLY needs some attention, and just in case we weren’t feeling motivated, we have friends coming to stay next week.  Yikes.  Luckily they used to live on a boat, so I’m certain our shortcomings (no shower, limited space, no storage) can be overlooked.  It will mean getting some art up on the wall, however, as I am sick of a) not seeing it, and b) tripping over it.

I am promising myself that I will post some photos by the end of the week – if only to kick my ass in gear.  If I haven’t actually done anything (likely), then I will simply photograph what hasn’t been done.

And yes, all this is just a lame cover to hide the fact that again (again!) my camera battery is dead and I can’t photograph anything now.

(I have in fact bought a new ‘fancy’ camera for art purposes, but as it uses my old Nikon lenses – I was too cheap/poor to buy a digital lens as well – it still works as a fully manual camera.  Using a light meter to record the fact that you’re too lazy to have replaced baseboards anywhere in your house just seems like overkill.)


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