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how to not plan a nursery – probably

Ok, brace yourselves, because this is what the future home of baby Butler/Parent currently looks like:

I know – yikes.

We put these shelves up thinking that would solve the storage problem.

Not exactly.

Where the hell did all this stuff come from?

I like to think I’m pretty good at weeding stuff out, tossing things – i.e., not being a hoarder (moving every few years certainly helps), but I’m at a loss for what to do with all this.  It’s a combination of not having a studio space at home (well, this was, uh, supposed to be it), so we have cameras, slide projectors, sketch books and related art paraphernalia, mixed with a former career in the auction biz (that might become relevant again – more on that later), meaning auction catalogues and reference books out the ying yang, and topped off with all Sam’s former music college recording stuff, current music making stuff, and now including everything for the studious accounting student.  Phew.   Oh, and we discovered everything in the basement gets mouldy so some stuff had to be relocated up here.

I guess it was obvious from this list that 2 measly shelves wasn’t going to cut it.

And now we have to fit baby in here too, and of course I want it to look super sexy. Well, ok, not sexy, like I want a sexy baby (weird), but I want a great looking space.  Actually, at this point I would settle for one that wasn’t a crap-tastic dumping ground and could make way for, I don’t know – a dresser, maybe a crib.  Obviously a change table would be asking too much.

Unfortunately, baby furniture appears to be a minefield of pure awfulness.  Check out this little gem that popped up when I innocently put the word ‘crib’ into Amazon:

Wow.  And only $7,932.50.

But apart from decor/taste issues, the simple issue of size is something I can’t get my head around.  How can something so small need so much stuff?  And why is it all so huge?  Someone on-line (can’t find where I read this unfortunately) lamented the fact that many children’s cribs are the size of a small hatchback.  Too true.  And we don’t have room to park a bike in there, never mind a vehicle-sized bed for a tiny infant (well, I’m hoping tiny, otherwise I’ll be rethinking this whole ‘natural childbirth’ idea).

We have a maximum of 57 x 45 in. for crib, change table and some kind of storage.  Yep, it’s a challenge.  I also have to accommodate my family who will be coming over for the birth and still have room for Sam to study as he’ll be heading into final exams – just after the baby is born.  Convenient.

So, here’s a few thoughts I have:

1. I’m actually considering an Ikea loft bed with a desk underneath.  Bed for mom, plus office area for Sam:

Obviously the ladder isn’t ideal for your average grandma to be, but my mom isn’t your average grandmother (she was a PE teacher – nuff said).

Ok, so the bed combo aint sexy, but it might work.  Never mind Ikea is an 18 hour drive away and they don’t seem to deliver this particular bed…it’s the idea we’re working with here people…

2. I have discovered there is such a thing as a ‘mini crib’.  Horray!  Here’s one:

This is by Bloom.  I love that it has wheels and is only 19.2 x 37 x 33 inches.

3. I’m on the search for a wall mounted change table that doesn’t look like I’m in a public washroom at Walmart.  It’s proving near impossible.  There’s this one by Bo Design,

but there’s something weird about it, like it’s a plywood toilet seat.  And it’s $750.

Not gonna lie – I have no idea how this is all going to pan out, but I do have another 3 months.  Surely we can pull it together by then?

Ideas welcome…

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