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teaching an old door some new tricks

So, to recap (as I realize it’s been over two months since I’ve posted anything, or  done anything – let’s be honest), this is what we were dealing with:

x 2 don’t forget.

Are you excited yet?  Yeah well, I was tired just looking at it.  So I tried not to.

I got around 4 quotes to replace the doors – hoping, as you do, that someone will give you the answer you want, but it was no good.  I didn’t realize that it’s not the doors themselves that are that expensive, it’s the installation that costs a fortune.  Given our neighbourhood, and the weather, it’s not something you want to dick around with.  We did install new back doors ourselves…actually, not really as we had our friend Matt (of downstairs kitchen-reno fame) who helped us.  Ok, he really installed them while we ‘helped’, but even he had trouble and he’s amazing.  Old houses and new doors are not always the most compatible.

In any case, when the energy audit happened, the guy told me that the doors were fine, and actually the least of our problems (you might recall we scored a spectacular 14 out of 100).  To be honest, I was a little bummed by this, as I was hoping for a good excuse to replace them.  Sigh.

So here we are.

It only took two and half months, (actually, I’m not even being grumpy about that – sometimes time stands still when you have a newborn), but we finally did it.  Newly painted doors!!!!

Horray! Take that crack house!

(…and for those who care about these things, the colour is Origins Staffordshire Blue:

And I almost forgot, a big thank you shout out to for the tutorial on how to paint doors.  I’ve been winging it for so long, I thought it was probably time to look up the professional way to do it!


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  1. Wonderful color! And yes, doors are a bitch to install… I really wish we could engineer something more simple. Oh well!

  2. I LOVE the colour you chose and YAY! You even fixed your numbers. What’s next, want some help?

    • Thanks! Yep, even painted the crappy wooden block for the numbers and touched them up (with black marker – shhhh…) – new numbers are stupid expensive, like $10 each, and we need 8. So we’ll make do with this quick fix for now!
      – we can always use help! – if only to watch little Fin. Watching paint dry (literally) was probably not her idea of a great Sunday afternoon, but she didn’t complain (much). We might not be so lucky next time!
      Next I want to make a window box and paint it the same blue…and you’ve never seen our back staircase – horrific…


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