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Spring = get off your ass

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Spring = get off your ass

Ahhh…so here we are, after a small (cough) hiatus…

I could blame motherhood, but then everyone and their dog seems to be writing blogs about parenting (not even going to bother searching for dog-writing blogs to reference here, just sure they exist) so clearly that is not a valid excuse for not writing.  I will say, in my defence, that it is difficult to renovate in 1-2 hour nap increments.  And if you’re worried that I’ve been holding out and not updating you on all my wonderful new creative projects (this would possibly apply only to my mother), I assure you, that is not the case because I HAVE NOT RENOVATED ANYTHING.  Yep, it all looks pretty much the same as what, a year or more ago?  Two? Jeepers.

Oh – here’s some awesome highlights from the past year I neglected to tell you about:

Finally put a plate on a light switch:

DSC04972 IMG_2647

– pretty fancy right?

Uh…labelled some bins in the pantry with chalk:


Yep. Take that Martha Stewart.

What else?  Well, we haven’t been completely idle, but most projects are falling under the category of ‘things that started to look worse’.

For example:
…we tore the tile off the tub when it leaked into the ceiling downstairs:


– because this happened:

IMG_0804  IMG_0834


And then this (unrelated):

IMG_2401   IMG_2399

And both events probably would have made very good blog posts if I wasn’t just so angry/upset/sad, and feeling basically overwhelmed and out of love with my house (not to mention poor).  I couldn’t even make them sound amusing, because they weren’t.

Well, maybe a little in retrospect…

Right, but all that’s fixed.  Actually, that’s a lie.  The kitchen ceiling still needs to totally come down and be replaced but I can’t face it yet (it’s a long boring story about the chimney, my fear of heights, and the ‘Jamaican Mason’ – actually from Antigua – who hasn’t shown up yet).

But moving on, I am ignoring that for the minute (yes the hole in the kitchen ceiling still looks exactly the same, possibly growing larger) and going to tackle other (smaller) things.  First up – the bedroom, because my life coach has determined it’s why I haven’t been sleeping properly.  And if that sentence sounds totally insane coming from me then a) yes, you probably know me well and b) yes I got a fucking life coach – don’t judge.  Sometimes when your house is falling down around you and you wonder what the hell you’re supposed to be doing with your life (and figuring drywalling ceilings isn’t it), a life coach seems like, and is (as it turns out), a good idea.

But basically this mini project is giving me the kick in the ass to get on with it and get out of the funk I was in.
Was I depressed?  Maybe.  Tired?  Definitely.

So here we are, the bedroom as is – unedited (SO hard to release these photos to the internet):

IMG_2640  IMG_2642 IMG_2641

Yeah, it’s not a bedroom made for lovin’ right now.  No wonder I haven’t been sleeping well.

And yes, that is grey fabric stapled to the wall.  We finally put up drywall (you can read a bit about that saga – and why the floor currently looks like shit here), but couldn’t face sanding, the excuse being it was too cold to open the windows – nice one right?  The fabric was Sam’s inspiration while I was away on holiday with Fin.  Not like I expected it to be finished and painted or anything when I got back…no no, stapled grey fabric on the wall instead was an AWESOME surprise.

And that was over a year ago.

I do feel the need to point out that I am usually a stickler for making the bed, but Finley has this new favourite game of climbing on it and tearing it all apart so she can throw pillows, so, yeah, sometimes I just let her.  The rest of the mess, yep, that’s just us lately.  So.  Embarrassing.

But there you are.  I feel like we were well on our way, and then at some point just got stalled.  And messy.

So here’s what I managed today:

IMG_2644   IMG_2645  IMG_2659

Look – an empty shelf!

And yeah, those yellow pillows look weird now (the were bought to stop Fin from falling down the crack when the bed was against the wall – a legitimate concern as it turns out), and I HATE the carpet (though Sam loves it), and we have no headboard, and the Mexican blanket is just there to distract from the fact that we’re sleeping on a box spring…and there’s about a hundred other things to fix, but it’s still a vast improvement.

I thought I liked the bed against the wall in the corner, but I just ended up feeling trapped as that’s my side of the bed – though it was a good excuse to make Sam get up in the night to deal with Fin.  I also thought that we’d gain all this great space that Fin could use to play in, but she never did, and then it just became a dumping ground for crap.

As it turns out, right after I finished moved everything around Fin came home from daycare and seemingly disappeared, until I found her here:


This has NEVER happened (though I would love to pretend it did all the time and I’m some kind of supermom), so I guess moving the bed was the right thing to do.  So weird though.

Tomorrow being Mother’s Day here, I have asked that in lieu of brunch or flowers or whatever other amazing things they had planned, we instead spend the day finally sanding and painting this damn wall.

But flowers would still be ok too.


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