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Yes, a cat did pee on my drywall.  Actually more went on my insulation – which is much worse (being shall we say, more absorbable?), but doesn’t have the same ring as a title.  A syllables thing I think.

- only photo I can find of us where we're not inappropriately drunk or stupid (well, we're probably both here, but I figured if it's blurred it's ok)

We are 30-somethings who moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia last year from London, England (though we are Canadian and were in Toronto and various other cities before that).  We moved primarily because we couldn’t afford London and were both returning to university.

‘What’ we are is a bit difficult to answer.  We’ve both worked in the auction business for many years and actually met 9 years ago when we both worked for the same auction house in Toronto (the now sadly defunct Ritchies).  Sam was a rug and furniture appraiser by day and punk rock musician by night (the now, also sadly defunct, Constable Brennan).  I was a Canadian and Inuit art appraiser by day and sometime art and design writer by night.  In 2005 we decided to leave Toronto and went travelling for 3 months (Mexico and Central America) before relocating to London.

There Sam studied music production and audio engineering and I decided to return to making art and went back to uni to do a fine art degree (and we worked of course – in a series of eclectic and unusual places: pubs, art surfaces workshop, military club, architect firm, social housing organization, cricket charity, and of course, London rep for a Canadian auction house).  Unfortunately, as anyone who has lived there will know, London will empty your bank account and leave you living like a 20 year old student happy to rent a one room flat with a bathroom in the shared hallway if it means you can still scrape together enough for a pint and a curry on a Friday night.  Good times.

But the novelty wore off after 4 years and we just started to feel old and poor.  After a brief, yet seemingly endless year looking after my 94 year old grandmother on the Isle of Man – yes, it seemed like a good idea at the time – we finally came to our senses (though Sam had nearly lost his) and returned to Canada.  Having never been to Halifax before (Sam had been once, but it was while on tour with the band so his memories were, shall we say, a little hazy), we obviously decided it would be a good idea to move there, so here we are.

Sam is now studying to be an accountant (this is usually followed by, yes, seriously) at NSCC, and I’m still working on my fine art degree at NSCAD.  We sold our loft in Toronto for a good Toronto amount, which enabled us to purchase our house in Halifax with the help of the wonderful Friendly Agent.

Thanks to the help and advice of the very many amazing friends we have made here, our home is no longer an uninhabitable crack house (though the front still looks like it – the source of continual debate.  Sam: ‘no one will ever think to rob us!’  Me: ‘but I want to live somewhere that looks pretty, or at least not gross.’  It’s an impasse, primarily due to lack of funds to actually do anything about it anyway.).

The place is definitely still a work in progress, and we haven’t even touched the upstairs flat yet (yep, there’s 2 apartments – another reason we fell in love with it with our heads, not just our hearts).  Our problematic tenant (who had been here 31 years! – more on her later) is moving out this summer, so the countdown begins to actually finish what we’ve started down here and then do it all over again upstairs!



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  1. Love your blog! Also my cat has peed and pooped in my flower boxes before… High five to having jerk-cats!

    • Thanks so much! And I think you’re the first person I don’t actually know who has read the blog – horray! (this whole blogging thing is so crazy/cool/weird isn’t it?)
      Re: cat pee, unfortunately, it’s worse than that: it wasn’t even our cat, it was a horrible manky stray cat from our sketchy neighbourhood. Ugh.

  2. Your blog title is so funny! I think an alternative title for mine could be “our dog pooped on our nasty dark red shag 80’s carpeting” – thank goodness all the carpeting in this house is going in trash!

    Glad I discovered your blog via a comment of yours on “Bye Bye Brooklyn” – looking forward to browsing 🙂

    • thanks so much! dog poo AND shag carpet – oh my, you might have me beat there!

      • Oh, I just thought of another one – years ago we were putting down a small amount of hardwood flooring in a dining area…we had stacked the boards in a little pile on the floor. We looked over and our peke-a-poo had straddled the stack and was peeing on it!! What is it with these critters?

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  4. Liked reading your Blog! Loved the Thermostat as Art idea too. I’m thinking do an installation in the entryway, as I always liked their design and Honeywells will soon be a relic of the past! No, seriously, really enjoying your Blog! I do hope to make you feel a bit better cus we are the worst… although we do learn from omissions an other mistakes

    We have an old house in the burbs of HRM. Always really bad at timeframe estimates! We are “Older, no kids, two handsome cats and used to have people over”. We are in a small bath expansion that began in Aug 2010. My fault: I wanted a bathtub instead of the tiny fibreglass shower. Bathroom done but is chilly! Minimal heat via a jury-rigged baseboard heater in basement. Need to get redo the under floor heating…

    While we’re at it, should upgrade the insulation. Now we are heavily into DIY “spray in foam” and rigid Foam/ Foil Insulation in easily half the house! Drywalling all over again :)) Lessons were learned, this time it will be Perfect!! No Energy Audit done as yet we procrastinate – don’t do well with deadlines!

    Hope you are feeling well – Happy Holidays!!

    Found you at at Bye Bye Brooklyn when researching car racks

    • Awesome to hear from you – and a fellow HRM-er at that!

      We finally folded and got some spray-foam put in the basement – professionally. I can blame pregnancy for wanting to avoid the toxic-ness that is foam insulation, but really, I just didn’t want to do it!
      Good luck with everything! Look forward to hearing some updates.

      Happy New Year!


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