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A Nursery in 36 Sq Ft – The Final Countdown

So we’re about to get this show on the road.  Yep, baby times are ahead.  9 days and counting…

Which is why it’s probably a good thing that we actually got the nursery finished.  Finally.  And sort of.

Cue our new theme song:

‘We’re heading to Venus’ folks.
Maybe we should play this in the delivery room?  Hmmmm…
We can embarrass this kid before it even comes out of the womb.

But compared with my panic back in November, I have calmed down somewhat.  In my now 38 weeks of pregnancy wisdom, here’s what I have learned from friends and strangers (or just stubbornly decided myself) are the only things necessary for a nursery:

1. A place to store all the baby crap – drawers seem to suffice.  Even if you buy your child nothing to wear, he/she will soon have more clothes than you thanks to all the gifts and hand me downs you’ll receive.

2. A place for the baby to sleep.

And actually, as the baby is supposed to sleep in your room for the first 6 months (yep, guess who finally dragged her ass to a parenting class?), the nursery need only be a glorified closet for the first little bit.

But, and it’s a big but, the other thing I’ve learned is that none of this means dick when you’re pregnant, hormonal, and nesting.

No.  You want THE NURSERY.  I think it’s just totally psychological (and cultural).  I was having a complete hyperventilating meltdown about the state of our nursery (really wish I was exaggerating here, but yes, the lack of ‘nursery-ness’ really made breathing difficult occasionally), that only went away when Sam came home with a pine chest of drawers.

Antique Nova Scotian pine no less – though missing the part of the bottom apron, which made it affordable for us, so I’m not complaining. (And whoops, you can also see some evidence of my failed painted floor experiment – one day we’ll put some proper flooring down.  One day.  Oh, and put the heater pieces back on too.)

Turns out all I actually needed was to take the baby stuff out of the bags in the closet (some of it had been given to me around 6 months ago when, to be honest, it just freaked me out), fold it all, put it in drawers, and all was well with the world.  Who knew?

As you might remember, this is what the office/nursery/dumping ground looked like before:

And here it is now:

Now, let me come clean and say this is a bit fake.  The crib (it’s a travel crib – small and on sale, so perfect) will be going beside our bed.  The chair – the BEST baby shower gift from our amazing group of friends who obviously know us well (though I also need to show you guys the sexy stroller our other friends sent us – yes, sexy and stroller in the same sentence…) – will also be moving, into the living room, or maybe our bedroom if I can get it to fit.  The only thing actually staying in the room right now is the chest of drawers.  We bought it as the height means it can double as a change table, but from what everyone tells me, we’ll probably end up using a changing pad on the floor or the bed.  Truth be told, I only put the change pad on the dresser for the pictures so no one thinks I’m a bad mom-to-be who doesn’t even have a place to change her kid’s diapers…

So there you go – a basic gender-neutral nursery (yep, still don’t know what’s going to come out) in 6 x 6 ft.  It is possible.

The other side of the room has our long desk that Sam built in December – one side for me with a variety of egg-related art and studio ephemera, and the other for Sam’s accounting textbooks and place to study.  It’s organized and working (finally), but it’s too stressful to try and take pictures of that right now.  I want it to look good, and right now it really doesn’t.  I need some drawers and containers to make it look less cluttered, but that will have to wait.  So just imagine for now that it looks amazing and I’m some kind of Wonder Woman.
Did I mention I’m having a baby in 9 days?

But for the next month at least, the nursery/study will be a room for my mom.  Who arrives tomorrow.  Which means I should probably get off my pregnant ass, stop farting around taking fake nursery photos, and inflate a bed so she has somewhere to sleep.

One more time…

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