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results are in! the energy audit, insulation, and some random updates

Ok, first off, can I just say how excruciatingly difficult it’s been to renovate without beer this summer?  Nightmare.  Just had to get that in there.

But moving on…or backwards I guess…the place still looks like a complete crap explosion so I’m not sharing any photos yet – well I might if I’m feeling especially sadistic – so for now I’m just going to catch up on what happened before we moved in.

You might remember my floor ‘experiments’ with white paint:

Well, basically I just ignored everyone’s advice and simply did another coat.  It turned out fine in the end, just a bit demoralizing when everyone stepped on it in their dirty work boots.

And that’s the carpet Sam bought at auction that he believes ‘fits’ the room.  Any excuse for a new rug…

But that room – which was the office and is now the ‘office/nursery’ (babies are small right, surely they don’t need a whole room?), is basically finished, which is why it’s now filled with everything we don’t yet have storage for.  (I posted a pic of that here, and it’s too depressing to repeat)

Our bedroom, however, is not finished.

Just to remind ourselves, here’s what the bedroom looked like when our tenant moved out:

We had to take down the plaster on the end wall as it was basically falling off anyway.

The rest of the plaster in the room was pretty grim too, but after dealing with it downstairs I was pretty confident that I could patch it to an acceptable level.  It’s called ‘character’ – just in case anyone was wondering…  And I’ll take some photos once I get off my lazy preggo ass and get round to it.  Yep, now I’m starting to show (had my first stranger ask when I was due – a bold move on his part to be sure), I’m using pregnancy as an excuse for Everything.  It’s awesome.

Obviously in an ideal world (which I sometimes fantasize involves buying a new house – I mean New), the plaster would be taken down and replaced with drywall and the walls would be insulated.

Oh!  Which reminds me – I never shared the results of our our energy audit!  You might remember we had the big fan thingy here so they could see how energy efficient, or not, our house is.

So, results are in, and out of a possible maximum score of 100 we scored…

drum roll please…


Yes, 14.  14!  Out of 100.  We may as well be living in a tent.

I think the scoring system goes something like this:

100 – You are a perfect person living in a perfect house (I hate you and want to move in)
60-100 – You are a normal person living in a normal house.  Good for you.
40-60 – You have insulation – congrats!
under 30 – Drafty shack.
under 20 – Bus.
14 – Tent.
under 14 – You live outside.  Let’s hang out.  We’ll build fires.

So we got our skates on (and our line of credit) and got ourselves some blown-in insulation.  I really should have photographed the process as it was pretty epic, as were the fabulous grandpa-like guys in charge of it all (I got in trouble for flirting with them from Sam – I couldn’t help it!).  But I didn’t.  I generally suck at this ‘let’s photograph this for the blog’ thing – in case you haven’t noticed.  Again, let’s blame pregnancy.  I also regularly lose either the camera or the memory card, or the cable.  Sometimes all three.

So now the walls are actually insulated!  Very exciting.  But the bedroom wall still looks like this:

(Note carefully cropped photo so you don’t see the world of disaster I’m standing in to take the photo – the stereo speakers are still in here for goodness sake.)

And yes – that’s just wooden lathe behind the headboard.  The thin fabric-y cover was put there by the blown in insulation guys when the insulation they blew in started blowing right into the room.  Whoops – I may have forgotten to tell them we had a wall missing.

I guess we’ll probably have to do something about it by winter.

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